Atalaya Castle Wedding Outdoor Venue

atalaya castle wedding

Atalaya Castle Wedding is the most wonderful place to do a outdoor wedding. Many beautiful venues that you can use to capture the moment in your photo album. Atalaya Castle located in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. This Spanish-style home was built in the 1930’s and overlooks Huntington Beach State Park (that’s right it’s on the beach!) giving couples a captivating mix of an oceanside soiree with a beautiful architectural backdrop.

History and Venues of Atalaya Castle Wedding

Atalaya Castle was built by Archer Huntington and his wife Anna between 1931 and 1933. Archer was a philanthropist from New York City and designed the house to be a winter residence for him and his wife after she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. He designed the plans himself based on Spanish or Moorish architecture coupled with his own imagination. Anna, who was an artist and sculptor, did her part as well and designed the wrought iron grills that serve as hurricane protection on all the windows.

A classic feel in atalaya castle weddings are so thick. You can date back to the old building like the real thing when it’s time to go. You need to do a retro wedding decorations wedding here. But modern style you can also perform here. There are other parts of the fortress of memungkinakn.

And the most remarkable of atalaya castle wedding venue is directly overlooking the beach. You can do a wedding here, even you could do a wedding reception here. Really, atalaya castle wedding is the most beautiful place until I speechless.


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