How Much Whitby Castle Wedding Cost

whitby castle wedding

Before talking about whitby castle wedding cost, let me explain a bit about the whitby castle. Classic Continental dishes in an elegant 19th-century mansion on the grounds of the Rye Golf Club. Whitby Castle is set on 126 acres overlooking the Long Island Sound in Rye, New York. This timeless turn-of-the-century castle boasts breathtaking views of Milton Harbor, a restaurant, and grandiose ballrooms.

whitby castle wedding cost

An impressive structure, whitby castle wedding resembles one only found in storybooks! If you’ve dreamt of horse and carriages, lavish gowns, and Prince Charming, this venue is perfect for you. Located on a golf course, Whitby Castle is surrounded by manicured lawns that seem to stretch forever. Have your ceremony in front of the castle surrounded by your adoring guests on the green.

Here, a simple arch is all you need when you have the majestic castle as the backdrop to your whitby castle wedding ceremony. Classic meets contemporary inside, where tastefully appointed ballrooms beckon your celebration.

The average of whitby castle wedding cost is estimated at between $33,038 and $41,646 for a ceremony & reception for 150 guests.


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