lds modest wedding dresses tips

lds modest wedding dresses

LDS modest wedding dresses always look great for Bride. There are styles that never go out of fashion and one of them is modest wedding dresses. The bride doesn’t need to reveal once regarded as beautiful and even admire every bride looks classy and elegant with his fiancĂ©e and their guests alike.

Modesty in a Bride is especially admired because traditionally wearing white was an indication of a lady’s virginity. Gone are those days now, it seems, as many a Bride is already living with her partner before the wedding day and it is not for others to speculate what goes on behind closed doors anyway! However, the bride who chooses lds modest wedding dresses is lending her soon to be husband a certain amount of respect by her choice, because her ‘modesty’ signifies to him that she is not attempting to attract other men. That she has chosen him and only him. This is a very subtle indication to him and one that will certainly be acknowledged and respected inwardly if not stated outwardly.

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Here are 5 top tips to ensure that yours is in fact a lds modest wedding dresses:

  • Stay away from strapless or spaghetti straps. Long sleeves, short sleeves, three quarter and also cap sleeves will be fine.
  • Plunging necklines are definitely out of the question, but if the dress you have your heart set on does happen to have a very low neckline it may be easily remedied by adding some gathered tulle or lace along the edging. Done well, this can in fact enhance the look of the dress immensely as there is really no need to show quite so much cleavage in the first place.
  • Naturally, the hemline should not be short as in mini, but if you do not like a floor length hemline you might wish to go for a tea length wedding dress.
  • Open backed dresses are still considered modest, however use your own judgement or get the opinion of a good friend.
  • It may or may not seem obvious to you, but the color of dresses you select must also come within the guidelines of modesty. Nothing too dark, definitely not hot pink, Ferrari red or black! It is however not essential that you wear white and ivory and cream are lovely colors too. Depending of personal and family tradition you may also be able to get away with wearing lds modest wedding dresses in a wider range of colors.



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