Lyndhurst Castle Wedding Reviews

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Lyndhurst castle wedding provides a breathtaking setting that is worthy of a perfect fairytale ending. Walk through the castle doors and down an aisle set on the lush, sweeping lawn to meet the man of your dreams in the intimate rose garden. Seal the deal with a kiss beneath the flower-laden pergola, beginning your new life with the scent of fresh flowers. You can take advantage Lyndhurst’s gorgeous grounds for numerous photo opportunities, from leaning up against the old weeping Beech trees to taking private walks in the gardens. Enjoy cocktails and spectacular views of the Hudson river with your guests on the castle’s open air veranda.

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Lyndhurst Castle, one of America’s finest Gothic Revival mansions. Designed in 1838 by Alexander Jackson Davis, its architectural brilliance is complemented by the park-like landscape of the estate and a comprehensive collection of original decorative arts.

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The 19th century was a period of political and technological change in America. Romanticism dominated the arts, and as the movement emphasized the appreciation of nature, imagination, and emotion, the Hudson River Valley became the center of painting and architecture. Wealthy patrons commissioned the construction of mansions in a variety of styles along the bluffs of the river from New York City to Albany.

Lyndhurst Castle Wedding Venue

At a short 35-minute drive from New York City, Lyndhurst castle wedding venue is a convenient destination for guests arriving both locally and from other locations around the country.

Both indoor and outdoor wedding events are no problem at here. Lyndhurst castle wedding provides the ideal space for a formal, yet whimsical wedding that is sure to impress guests with its unbelievable beauty. The Carriage House Courtyard, As the premiere event space at Lyndhurst Castle, the carriage house features a semi-permanent tent that will accommodate up to 300 guests for a night of dinner and dancing.

The expansive grounds of lyndhurst castle wedding display a historic landscape design, which could be the ideal backdrop for an amazing first-look photo. Couples can arrange an unforgettable ceremony in this space as well as a tented reception.

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Weddings in the rose garden of lyndhurst castle wedding during the month of June provide a breathtaking display of blooming roses. This secluded spot includes wrought iron gates and a rose-covered pergola, ideal for a quiet exchange of vows with a few special onlookers.

The green space adjacent to the historic bowling alley is another picturesque spot for tented affairs. Majestic trees provide welcome shade, while guests can glimpse views of the Hudson River and Hook Mountain in the distance.


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