The Reason That Bead Set Engagement Ring is Expensive

bead setting

Bead set engagement ring are expensive because the complicated in production process. And only one unique item is done specifically. Bead set engagement ring can not be done by machine en masse. Therefore the price becomes prohibitive.

Production Process of Bead Set Engagement Ring

In bead setting, a sharp chisel-like tool called a graver is used to set the stones. First, a seat or hole for the stone is cut into the metal. Then the graver is pushed down into the metal just to the outside of the stone. The point of the graver makes metal move toward the stone. This process is repeated until all the stone is secure with enough metal over the “corners” to hold securely.

Then a tool with a rounded hollow end called a beading tool is pressed onto the metal pressed onto the stone. The beading tool makes the metal form into an attractive looking “bead” of metal. Now you can see why the bead set engagement ring is expensive.

Alternative Choice of Bead Set Engagement Ring

Now, here is a question to ponder. How can the bead set engagement ring be made for less cost to you than the ready made one? Considering the prices we must charge to make molds, do castings and set stones for one item only, the price would be at least if not more than the one offered by the maker originally. We do not make copies of copyright designs but do enough custom manufacturing to know our real costs of doing a single bead set engagement ring or other jewelry item.

The only way I see the ring being less costly if the jeweler makes it is to use lower quality stones, less stones perhaps or lower karat of gold. The bead set engagement ring made up may also be of a much less favorable manufactured quality than the original ring, a means to cut costs. If we tried to duplicate the ring you showed, using 14k instead of the 19k used, our price to the customer for equal or better technical quality would still be more than some of the other makers rings.

Labor for doing a single bead set engagement ring is the reason and stone setting costs incurred. Our jewelers do all the work and we do not have specialized persons doing only stone setting as do large manufacturers.

A ready made mounting for rows of stones may be available(unset with stones) which will be perfectly fine for you. This is an option I did not mention at first. If a ready made mounting can be found with the look you want, the job will likely be less costly than having a bead set engagement ring made from scratch.


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